Downhill- Rim Road: Part II

September 2020
We are exploring a riverbed leading to a lake in the great forest above the Mongollon Rim. Part I is here:
Downhill-Rim Road

Spirits in the Rocks

Heading Back:

There is a flat rock. We sit peacefully.

The rock is in layers of ancient sediment, pushed up in all directions.
I see sediment depositing similarly on the current banks of the stream. The reservoir fills up and occasionally the Town of Payson takes a sip of it, lowering the levels in increments. There are lines of erosion everywhere. Water has been lapping out its mark amongst the ancient deposits. 
I’ve read that the water can be within a quarter mile of our entry back at the Arizona Trail, or it can be miles downstream, as the lake recedes. Here, those deposits are quite high.

After a sandwich lunch, we hear voices. I then see a man down around the bend from where the family is playing. It is working out that we have finished and it is time to leave.

Occasional Sun Block

I stand slowly, intentionally showing him my backside, as I slip a sarong around my waist. The sight of my backside is not illegal and I don’t acknowledge that I see him. He might hopefully be thoughtful and understand that he is invading my sense of privacy. He is given several messages this way. One is that there may be nudity ahead. If he has his family in tow, he may want to decide whether to take them further than they are. Another, is that he may think that he has disrupted our solitude. And another, is that people do like naturism, it is harmless, and our exposure to the sun has nothing to do with him, nor his troupe.

Big Bird …

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