Wrapping Up “Disrobed – the Virtual Event”

I have been writing about the upcoming Disrobed virtual event for over a week now, and wow, it’s been quite a ride!
It all started when Tim Chizmar, of Naturist Living Show fame, offered me a sneak peek at the production. This was a review version – not the final cut, missing some small elements (like the opening theme and credits), and with some potential reshoots yet to be inserted. But it was essentially a finished version of the movie. I could have access if I’d consider writing a review.
I watched the show late on Christmas Day. I knew the source material already; I had listened to a full audio production of the original play on a Naturist Living Show podcast some years ago. But this was something new, and something exciting. Putting any work in a modern – which means distanced, online, webcam-enabled – setting is weird and difficult, but this director had pulled it off. Even if I hadn’t liked the play, I would have been impressed by the way it was brought to life for the COVID age.
But I had an idea: maybe a few of the cast members would be willing …

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