Tucson Mountain Reconnoiter Part III


The First Nude Hike of the New Year
The previous week, we explored the south end of the Tucson Mountains. It is a promising new playground, a short drive from home.
The Story is here: https://thefreerangenaturist.org/2021/01/26/tucson-mountain-reconnoiter-part-ii/
This time, we’ll explore some of what we were looking down upon from that trail and in the distance on that day.
To get to the trailhead, we must drive through a huge residential development of manufactured homes which have their own golf course. This brings us to a developed and popular spot with a paved parking lot and horse facilities.
We start out where the thick line of homes abruptly ends at desert’s edge. The trail looks down upon this suburban sprawl, as it masses along the foothills of the mountain range. There are potentials for loop trails. We choose the right fork heading south. From the aerial pictures, the trail appears to eventually pass through some interesting geology.

With the view of the houses looking up at us so near, it is not a good time to get undressed. With that consideration, we see that two women, who started out a short time before us, are trekking up ahead. They give me the impression that they will not go very far, but disappointingly, they have taken the right fork, too. We’ll need to pass them, and then round the bend into the pass into mountains. The hope is to put some distance between us. Also, there were plenty of cars in the parking lot and we are not familiar with this section of trail, which intersects many more.
We walk briskly through the desert environment, with a grand panorama looking out far to the west. The backdrop is a completely uncluttered turquoise blue sky. …

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