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In the United States, there are many various laws add-dressing nudity. Sometime they are so vague as to be misinterpreted by authorities. One solution to the outright fear, or trepidation that this creates, is to carry paper evidence of the facts…JUST in case.
Following this introduction, I’m providing a link to the Naturist Action Committee’s take on this. It is informative and well put. I hope that you give them the deserving support that they have earned over the years and perhaps, find this useful.
From NAC newsletter Dec. 2020

Naturist Action Committee/Naturist Education Foundation
Pages of History,,
Staying Safe – A Public Beach Defense Advisory
By Richard Mason, NAC Board Member
Before a naturist makes a decision to go to a specific beach location to get nude, they should have completed a “predictive thinking” mental exercise on how they would behave if approached by a law enforcement officer, how it would be best for them to act, and what they would do to try to avoid a ticket.
Before you stock the cooler, pack your “legal  defense kit”.   
When you go to a public beach, you should have with you a copy of the following:
►Your most current membership cards for any nudist organizations you belong to
►The Naturist Beach Etiquette
►The Naturist Bill of Rights
►Your driver’s license
►Your passport
►The 6th Amendment to the US Constitution
Put these, or copies of them, in a sturdy freezer quality zippered storage bag.  The importance of these documents is to differentiate yourself from the other people who may go nude with a sexual agenda in mind. You do not know why the law enforcement officer is there.  They may be there on a specific complaint against you, or they may be there on …

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