Musings about the WHY in Social Nudity

Many of our blog posts are inspired by Twitter conversations, and this one isn’t any different. It all started when Hector Martinez asked the question “What are the biggest problems naturism faces in 2021?“, to which we responded that the current terminology of “naturism” and “nudism” (and in some regions “FKK”) doesn’t cover the whole scope of social nudity anymore.

It used to be pretty simple. If you believed in the ethical side of naturism, you called yourself a naturist. If you rather got naked for the comfort or an equal tan, you were a nudist. Yet, there must always have been an overlap. We can’t imagine that not a single naturist recognized the comfort of being clothes-free, or that all nudists couldn’t care less about respect for nature and other humans. But that was pretty much the consensus.

Naturism in the 21st century
Today, we see more and more subgroups appearing. There are vacation naturists, home naturists, online naturists, 24/7 naturists, beach naturists, event naturists, and so on. Feel free to replace the word “naturist” in the previous sentence with “nudist” if that makes you feel better. The point is that birds of a feather flock together.

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