Goodbye to the Lost Year, Welcome 2021!

Be careful what you wish for, they said. Maybe we should have listened. If you asked us around this time last year what we hoped for 2020, we probably said something like “unique experiences and meeting interesting people”. And that was exactly what we got. Unfortunately, a global pandemic was not the kind of experience we had in mind. Neither were virologists the kind of people we were looking forward to meeting. At least not that many of them.

If you had told us exactly what was about to happen in 2020, we would have thought that you were crazy. A virus that spreads around the world with the speed of light, ok, we had that before. But what happened afterward was just too surreal. Countries closing their borders, planes stop flying, people being locked up in their homes, everyone wearing facemasks… We can appreciate a good sci-fi movie, but that’s just way over the edge.

The planned year
Ever since we left Belgium in the summer of 2017, we have basically been going where the wind took us. We didn’t have much of a plan. Our only goal was to experience naturism in every corner of the world and, as …

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