Disrobed Interview: Troy Peterson, Director/Co-writer/Star

Following my review of Disrobed – The Virtual Event, I chatted with some of the creators and cast from the play, to try to understand their motivations, experiences, and relationship to nudity and naturism as part of this production. In this first interview, I talked with Troy Peterson, the man who conceived of the Disrobed online event, co-wrote the adaptation (with Disrobed playwright Steven Vlasak), and directed and starred. Troy is a playwright and actor, and can be found on twitter at @TroyMP94.
What compelled you to take on this project? Do you consider yourself a nudist, or what is your experience with social nudity?

As a writer/director/actor, I was compelled to do a virtual version of Disrobed after seeing it in its first run because it checked a lot of boxes I was looking for creatively. It seemed ready made for a virtual production: it was obscure and new to people, had very few budgetary prerequisites (being a contemporary story with no costume or setting requirements), and it struck the uplifting tone I was looking to put out in my quarantine art. As a long-time subscriber to naturist ideals, I also saw it as a chance to …

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