Disrobed Interview: Eloise Gordon

Eloise is a highly experienced actress from Manhattan, NY. With multiple theatre and screen credits, she brings a fascinating perspective and background to the key role of Skye in Disrobed. You can check out Eloise’s YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.
What made you want to be a part of this play? Was it daunting to play the part of a nudist on screen?
A little backstory: last summer I was in Berlin studying cabaret theater with my school. In addition to our classes we were going to see at least two shows a week sometimes even more. I kept noticing in the majority of the performances, there would be some form of nudity whether it was someone changing on stage or giving a long monologue fully nude and covered in paint. What struck me was how normal it was. In America if a man is completely naked on stage it’s a big deal but in Berlin it seemed like the norm.
The more I learned and explored the city I found this sense of openness and trust with the people there. There seemed to be this very human understanding that I still don’t exactly know how to …

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