Visiting Around Dewey/Prescott

We have been given a late notification to meet with relatives who are passing through Northern Arizona. We will meet for a day in Sedona with the usual tourists, shopping in stores filled with gemstones, bobbles, clothing and crafts. Sedona is a cornucopia of the things that are not necessities, but somehow produce a craven thirst for them, or at the least, an appreciation.

Around these mercantile wanderings are vistas of colorful mountains with their surreal sense of spirit and woo woo legend.

We gave Ken and Amie a call and they offered a few days hospitality to us and an offer to show us a few good hikes.
My usual need for the work of planning and researching is gone. It is all made simple; we will place ourselves in their hands. It is always a good thing to have a local that knows some of the good places. Many nude wanderings have no name, some are hidden. Tips for safety and stealth, go along with a local guide that enjoys showing off their neck of the woods.

We carnude up from Tucson to meet with Ken and Amie at their home in Dewey.

The weather is promising to be nice. After making our way through the hour of freeway in the Phoenix area, we break out into wide open spaces, climbing higher through the Black Canyon’s green hills. The Sonoran Desert transforms into high desert grasslands, now golden brown from drought. The big azure sky presents a warm, not hot, sunshine.
We arrive at our hosts’ home on top of a hill with its 360 degree vista. They have planted a thick sod carpet outside, which is a luxury for us desert dwellers in southern Arizona. We climb out of the car, kicking off our …

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