Tortolita Spring Equinox


In the Spring of 2019, I had finished fixing up my strawbale home in the Tortolita Hills to sell. Unique homes sometimes have to wait for the unique buyer. So, as the story goes:

My house is on the market. When it is shown the realtor insists that I disappear. She’s afraid I’ll somehow blow her deal. I’m given a two hour notice and expected to wander for an hour, or more. Today, right now, it’s one of those times when I have to stay away for a while. It is overcast and not particularly warm, but the equinox is coming and there should be some Spring flowers to see in the Tortolitas. I’m feeling some stress, so this seems like a good time for a hike. The exertion should calm me. The usual practice of being in mindfulness will bring me back in the moment. Nature should heal me with her magic.

From Inside the Tortolitas Out

As I park, I feel the anger that arises within from my reaction to the steel gate blocking the road. An out of state development group has been plotting here to steal the neighborhood’s property rights. Also, they are blocking the public’s right of way, which is the access to the Tortolita hills and the planned Tortolita Mountain County Park. These new neighbors have the money, lawyers, the time and the greed, but I step up on a couple of boulders and climb around this obstruction, continuing on my rightful way.
I’ve got a kilt and a long underwear shirt on. Without sun, this gray stuff in the sky is giving me a chill. Still, I figure that I can get along fine and At leave the kilt behind. This is a weekday …

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