Racó Dell Conill: Getting Naked as a Rabbit

December is an interesting month to visit Spain’s Alicante region. Mass tourism has largely left and the cities and towns return to the relaxed atmosphere that’s so typical for the Mediterranean coastal regions. The weather at this time of the year loses its “perfect for sunbathing and ideal for skinny dipping” status and becomes a bit unpredictable. During the ten December days that we’ve already spent in the region, we’ve seen warm and sunny, windy and chilly, and even a handful of raindrops. When our weather forecast app turned to warm and sunny again, we knew it was time to find ourselves a nude beach.

Truth to be said, we didn’t find it all by ourselves. The Spanish Costas are home to countless official nude beaches and from experience, we know that some are much nicer than others. So we contacted the Spanish Naturist Federation for advice. Helpful as always, Ismael, the federation’s representative, didn’t just share his preferred beach, he also got us in touch with a local group of naturists who would happily accompany us.

Down the rabbit hole
On this sunny Saturday afternoon, Luis would be waiting for us at …

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