9 Great Naturist Content Creators that Deserve Your Support

When we started with Naked Wanderings, we felt that there was a gap in the information about naturism that could be found online. There were static websites, often in need of an urgent makeover. You could subscribe to newsletters from clubs or federations. And there were not much more than a handful of naturist bloggers, whom we happily joined.

After more than 4 years of blogging on Naked Wanderings, we’ve seen many other naturist content creators come and go. Few managed to stick around for more than a while. One of the reasons is that being a naturist content creator takes a lot of time and effort for which the compensation is little to none. The friendly comments, the pats on the back, and the kind messages are heartwarming, don’t get us wrong, but they don’t pay the bills.

Content is never free
The internet has completely changed the way that we find information. We still remember the days when, if we wanted to learn more about a certain topic, we had to buy a book, a magazine, or at least a library subscription. When a 24-volume encyclopedia covered the bookshelves of many living rooms. Today, most of …

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