23 Idyllic European Private Winter Getaways on Airbnb with a Hot Tub

The winter months are typically not the best time of the year for naked vacations. Many naturist resorts in the northern hemisphere have closed their doors and the options are limited to indoor naturism. Like the spa and sauna centers in western Europe, for example.

Although we definitely agree that there’s nothing better than skinny dipping at a naturist paradise with the summer sun warming up our bare bodies, there is something about being naked when it’s cold outside too. Sitting naked in front of the fireplace and looking at the cold outside behind the window can be very cozy. But how about sitting outside in a hot tub, looking over a snowy landscape?

Winter holidays AND outdoor nudity can be combined. Especially at the following idyllic private getaways with their own hot tub that we found on Airbnb!

IMPORTANT: The use of facilities like the hot tub or sauna is not always included in the price.

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Hot tub stays in Iceland
There’s no place like Iceland. It’s a unique island in the very north of Europe, that is mostly known …

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