A Symbol for Social Nudity

When we traveled through Greece, a couple of years ago, we met up with Ralf who owned a small naturist guesthouse near the coast. Ralf had moved there some years before from Germany with his family. For many Germans, nudity is about as natural as having a beer with a bratwurst. But the Greek culture is more conservative and Ralf adjusted to his surroundings. The beach down the road had a small secluded part behind a rock, and as naturists living under the Mediterranean sun, this was the perfect spot for the family to go nude sunbathing and skinny dipping without disturbing anyone else.

When a local fisherman spotted the family one day and undressed as well, Ralf had an idea. Why not make this small stretch of warm sand a nude beach? He gathered some wood, made one of those typical signs with a crossed-out bikini, and put it in front of the large rock. A new nude beach was born. Until about a week later, when the sign was gone. Ralf didn’t just give up like that and the next day he painted the crossed-out bikini sign on the rock. But once again, not many days later …

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