10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Visiting a Nude Beach for the First Time

These days, you can find a book for pretty much everything you’d like to try. We all know (and often own) the For Dummies series, for example. With more than 2 500 titles, they have a guide for almost everything. Wanna learn about the World of Narnia, beach Babies Jigsaw Puzzles, or Zombies? There’s a For Dummies Guide for that. Some even have a double “for”, like eBay For Canadians For Dummies. But there’s no For Dummies Guide that will tell you about visiting a nude beach for the first time.

Okay, how hard can it be? You go to the beach, take off your clothes, and that’s it. Right? But if it was just that, why are so many people reluctant to give a nude beach a try? Why are internet forums full of questions about what a visit to a nude beach is like? Why does visiting nude beaches still appear on bucket lists?

If you’ve visited a nude beach before, you’ll probably agree that the first time is more than just putting your feet in the sand and stripping down. If you’ve never visited one before, here are some good tips for …

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