What You Need to Know Before Having a Nude Massage

We love massages. They are so relaxing, and if they’re done well, we feel like a different person once we walk out of the massage room. Our muscles feel as if they’re brand new and that sweet smell lasts until your next shower. If we were rich, we would probably have massages every day. In fact, that’s pretty much what happened in Thailand. We didn’t get rich there, unfortunately, but the massages are amazingly low priced. In parts of the country, you can get a one hour massage for about 5 dollars. It often happened that when we had a free hour before dinner or before taking the overnight bus, we just had a massage to pass time. It was actually cheaper than having a couple of beers.

But this blog post isn’t about Thai massages, especially because they’re not nude. As Europeans, we found this a bit surprising. We are used to nude massages. The birthday suit is pretty much the basic dress code for massages in Europe. Although the clothes they make you wear in Thailand are definitely comfortable, it’s still not the same.

Where to get a nude massage
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