What Will Naturist Vacations Look Like in 2021?

For avid travelers like ourselves, 2020 was the weirdest year ever. We had gotten so used to being able to hop on a bus, train, plane, uber, or rickshaw and end up at another spot on this world. Then suddenly, it stopped. Conversations about traveling were flooded with new terms like “staycation”, “red zone”, and “quarantine”.

At first, we never thought that the virus would make it outside of Asia. Then we figured that it would be gone after a month or so. When that didn’t happen, all eyes were on a possible vaccine by the end of the year. Now that the end of the year is near, we realize that we might be stuck with this virus for a while to come.

But all of that is history, let’s look forward to how this pandemic will influence our naturist vacations in 2021 and maybe completely change the way we travel.

Is the staycation here to stay?
From July to September, parts of the world briefly opened up again, and traveling, although limited, reappeared on the possibilities list. We took advantage of that, but not in the way we had planned. Given the constantly changing rules and measures, we …

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