The Global Naturist Forum and the Future of Social Nudity

During the last several months, British Naturism has emerged as the pioneer of virtual naturist events. Online talks and workshops are organized on an almost daily basis during the covid pandemic and the cherry on the cake was their first Global Naturist Forum. Four sessions spread over two days, featuring naturist leaders and influencers from around the world.

With hundreds of participants during every session, it was definitely a success. It started off with the presidents of AANR and INF-FNI, the two largest international nudist/naturist federations, who shared their views about the current state of organized naturism and their visions for the near future. In the following sessions, individuals, naturist “influencers” and resort owners discussed the possibilities to grow and improve naturism. At the end, visionaries Stéphane Deschenes, Gregers Moller, and Edwin Kilby shared their ideas about a global and including future of naturism.

Who’s the naturist in the room?
During the first session, one of the panelists explained that there are two very distinct groups: naturists and so-called “nude bathers” (basically everyone who doesn’t comply with a certain set of requirements to be called a naturist). In her words: “These groups can live next to each …

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