The Naked Wanderings Manifesto

Naturism is an experience that every person should have at least once in their life. We definitely realize how daunting the prospect may seem to many people. Me? Naked? In front of strangers? It’s rather the setting for a nightmare instead of inspiration for a new way of living.

We remember our first naturist experience as if it was yesterday. And how scary it was. We remember looking at all the cars in the parking lot. Until that moment, only some family members, close friends, and former boyfriends and girlfriends had ever seen us naked. Within minutes, that number would easily triple or quadruple. And all those new members of the premium club of people who get to see our nude bodies wouldn’t even be people we trust. They would be complete strangers.

We’d love to tell you that after this first experience, we were so much blown out of our (figuratively) pants that we decided never to wear clothes again. But that’s not how it happened. It was a great experience, that much is sure. But it took us more than 6 months before we would try social nudity again. Although there wasn’t a single …

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