Hidden and the Secret Aspects of Behavior Described as Naturism.

I wrote this paper for a class while pursuing my Master’s degree several years ago. I think it still holds up.
It describes the legal and societal position of casual nudity and associated activities around the beginning of this century.  Within this context, it provides factual intellectual arguments, which justify behaviors. It is still valid today. It seeks to be objective, yet convincing.
In advance, the original Format was done in the APA formal style, a bit odd, but not incorrect. Then now, it has been reformatted into this:

Hidden and the secret aspects of behavior described as naturism.

There is a tremendous popular acknowledgement of the value of the act of being naked (Charles, M., et al. 2007). The internet is flowing with numerous naturist and nudist organizations throughout the world. Many beaches and other locations have been, over the years, declared liberated and are recognized as clothing optional. As millions express their humanity in social settings across the globe there are millions who are opposed to the practice of going without clothing. Social mores, that have deep roots, require bodily covering in multitudes of variations of degree and style. In the United States the mandatory use of clothing is enforced by stringent and various laws, many of which deliver powerful consequences. The act of nudity is often seen as an act of perverse and dangerous behavior, especially when it involves children. This report intends to study where and why these naturist behaviors occur outside of the carefully created social and cultural boundaries. The hidden and the secret aspect of behavior described as naturism, its context and how it may be dealt with shall be discussed.

Hidden and the secret aspects of behavior described as naturism.
            Anti-nudity laws are a part of the legal landscape across the country. …

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