Yes, we’re going to get fit in this article. Or at least, I’m going to write about it, and how to do it in our preferred lack of attire.
Last Saturday on Twitter, Florida Free Beaches (@BeachesFree) posted a bunch of links to a site called
With Covid still keeping many of us in the house and therefore away from proper fitness facilities, that seemed a worthwhile subject to dive into.
(Image from blogpost I read first talks about 3 kinds of reasons for fitness.
At home workouts
Self Growth workouts
Stress Relief workouts.
As we all known, keeping our bodies in some shape is important. Of course, round is a shape too, but perhaps that isn’t the healthiest form. This said, your mileage as well as your body may vary, so I’m not posing absolutes here.
I’ve always been a proponent of nude fitness and activities like hiking.
[embedded content]

With hiking out of the realm of options at the moment (definitely with the cold coming in), nude fitness is the way to go.
Adultfitness seems to be an interesting place to check out (I haven’t done that yet). …

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