Children and nudity

Ouch… Children. Difficult topic! Sensitive issue!
But not for naturists.

Who doesn’t know this kind of image? A young child, having fun at the beach. And, indeed, not wearing a swimsuit.
I’m sure we’ve all seen this once or twice in our lives.
And why is there this switch in many people’s mind that tells them to put something on the body of their child at an uncertain age? Uncertain because this age seems to differ from parent to parent.
We all know that nudity is normal. At least, we should know that. It is how we and all other living creatures come into this world. No clothes, no nothing.

Mother and child
As I was thinking about this, I went out onto the world wide web to find out what that thought of this. The results weren’t surprising…
“Your Kids Table“: When kids have sensory issues with clothing it can be overwhelming, confusing, and exhausting.
Hmm. That says something, doesn’t it? Hardly surprising, because clothing isn’t natural. It can be necessary, but that’s something else.
“Today’s Parent“: “Children ages three to five are learning to dress and undress themselves, and …

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