A Vast Field on Top of the World: Sunset

Early July 2020

It is sunset time, the exciting time for the sky. We are sitting on the top of a mountain arena. It is flat at 10,000 feet. It is the highest spot, save a few surrounding hills. This dome has a vast field on it amongst a deep forest.
We have been exploring our new retreat, wandering through rough back country roads in the thick forest as the sun’s light changes.

Light has been stretching out shadows and illuminating and coloring bringing a glorious yet peaceful experience to us.
The warm temperature of the day is succumbing slowly to night’s brisk bite. We have been danced with all of our senses through this day, Our skin feeling the lush caresses, as various scents of pine float up our nostrils.

We were soothed by the calm, then winds danced with light gusts and breezes gathering in the tree tops above.
During this evening’s walk, we have taken along a couple of shirts just in case.  When it is time, the wraps around our shoulders feel just right, but opened.
As this light changes, beams shoot through the trees, accenting color.

Bark reflects the evening’s light.

Hues of green gain florescence. The same phenomenon bathes the great field, which is still tan, awaiting the monsoon rains. Its warm golden glow invites us.
We sling two folding chairs and a cameras over our shoulders and walk off from camp.
There have been dark clouds to the south since noon. They have threatened, but the rain drops seldom have made it down to our level. Instead, wispy grey clouds of raindrops have been waving like an old man’s long beard, dissipating before our eyes, as we witness the skies.

Here on top, it seems that the weather and clouds …

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