Where did Google hide family naturism?

The online naturist world is a weird one. That much is sure. For many, it has been a blessing. People living in countries where social nudity is forbidden by law, now have the chance to interconnect with each other. Naturists that have a partner who’s not into social nudity can find their peers online. Probably all of us have found a great new naturist vacation destination somewhere online. And also for ourselves, naturist bloggers, this very blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the worldwide web.

Earlier today, we were writing a blog post for our Dutch naturist blog on the Athena website. We were discussing the topic of online naturism and doing a bit of research on the dark side of the internet. You know, when you Google “naturism” or “nudism” and suddenly end up on a variety of porn sites. For our test, we googled “family nudism”. It’s a test that we’ve probably done a million times before when we wanted to make a point. It used to bring us to numerous malicious websites where you could buy packages of family naturist pictures. We believe that people should pay us to look at …

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