Somewhere in the Galiuros: Part III

Tree Hugging Deluxe: An infinite Moment
We Head back from “enough” on the trail in the Galiuro Mountains. We have been on a stroll to what we are told is “a stand of aspens” where the trail turns and goes up to a peak in the wilderness.
The foliage has gotten thick, scratchy and we’re finding obstructions frequently. We may have missed our turn. Perhaps there is no stand of aspens. One day, I’ll return during a retreat in this canyon, so today, we are easily deterred. We only intended to enjoy wandering a naturist’s paradise, not bushwhacking through overgrown wilderness.

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Somewhere in the Galiuros: Part II
We haven’t exerted ourselves and it is a fun comfortable return. There is no “trudging” on sore feet earning our way back to a camp. This is a walk in the park.

Okay, maybe a park with some monkey bars

As I pass a stand of manzanita in bloom and creating buds, I once again smell a familiar scent passing on the wind. I know it from way back, but I just can’t place it. It isn’t the manzanita. This time DF is there as the breeze is up. She doesn’t recognize it either.

Stroking the Smooth Bark

Several hundred feet down the trail, we are bypassing the road in order to ford the creek. I do smell something recognizable, it’s a skunk. I’m reluctant and alert, as I round a rock wall in a narrows. If there is a skunk in the way, I don’t want to spook it. There is no good way to get around it here. It could be a trap…We enjoy good fortune, no critter.

We …

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