Somewhere in the Galiuros: Part II


Waking up to the birds singing, a gentle refreshing scented breeze flowing through the tent and the warmth of the new day’s sun coming through the screen through the trees is…good.
The view looking down at the reflective creek, the color of the rocks and the spring leaves lets us know just where we are…here.
One of our three neighbors comes up the road. There was mention of this yesterday, when we had met. The older man and the little girl would be working on a project at camp, while this walker is making his way to the top of Basset Peak. He’ll be gone for a while. I greet him from my bed, as he passes.
DF gets to her morning, while I lie about and stretch. The plan today is to get to a grove where the trail begins to switchback out of this verdant paradise. It is just about two and a half miles of wandering and then a return. We’ll just enjoy the walk.
We are just finishing packing up camp. I have moved our fire pit out of the middle of the trail, when we hear the mechanical drone of ATV’s coming. We have a casual reaction, as we know how rough and slow that road is for those that are approaching us. We have plenty of time to cover enough of ourselves.

I wrap on my kilt and DF decides to not be bothered. She sits down in her chair and drapes a covering to look dressed, like you might dress a paper doll.
I fold up the ground sheet, as the noisy rumble approaches the stream. I’m curious what they will do with that climb out that gave us a stick, yesterday. Here’ …

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