Somewhere in the Galiuros: Part I


While getting a pair of new tires, I was shocked to discover a broken shock. We couldn’t get away until nearly noon.
We’re heading out to the Galiuro Mountains to find possible future glamping spots and take a needed hike in a riparian area along a creek. We along with most people, have been feeling the crunch of the pandemic and our response is to head for the hills and the blessed solitude of nature.

Surprises are in Store for Us

I just received my new canvas bell tent in two fifty pound boxes. I’m setting myself up for a summer home away from home, glamping. The 13 ft. diameter tent will host my wood burning stove, twin mattress, oriental rugs and a sitting area. I purchased a solar power for my computer and devices. I’ll sit in comfort for a week or two at a time, in my hermitage with guitar, writing, a book or two. I can pack it all into the 4×4 SUV with a week’s provisions staying in many remote locations. I can walk for miles, exercise and live freely in nude and natural solitude. It is a part of my retirement plans. It requires some location planning, the right places for an extended stay.
My glamping setup will still require many of the chores of camping. All of these are healthy down to earth exercise and movements. I expect to sustain good health from this, physical, mental and spiritual.
Remote Free Range Ranching:
We pass through wide open ranches. One is six miles across. This is industrial ranching. The land has been tortured, but today it is rolling hills. They look strangely colored. I realize that mustard weed has taken over the countryside, creating an unnatural florescence. An …

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