Social distance dipping.

Is skinny dipping the ultimate social distance activity? 
Let’s look at the pros: It gets you away from crowds. It gets you out the house. It’s good for mental health. It’s good exercise. It’s an escape from everything that’s going on in the world. You don’t need any money, anyone else or anything at all in fact, except your own skin. Sounds like the perfect activity in this social distance covid world, wouldn’t you say?
It dawned on me during lockdown that what Scott has been teaching me this past year (how to find these remote hidden swimming spots and where the out-the-way unknown camping spots are) is the ultimate social distance strategy. In the forest you can forget about covid, you can forget about the problems of the world and just enjoy the trees. When you’re getting off the beaten path to seek out skinny dipping spots you don’t need to worry about social distancing because there’s no-one around. If there are others around then it ain’t a good skinny dipping spot and you better move on. Turns out Scott is a master of social distancing, he’s …

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