Naturist camping in the French Limousin Region

When it comes to tourism, the French Limousin region sometimes lays a bit in the shadow of its southern neighbor Dordogne or the western Atlantic coastline. You’ll rarely find the region in lists of top tourist destinations in France, that much is sure. A shame, if you ask us. Spectacular beauty may not be waiting for you behind every corner, as is the case in the Alps, Provence, or Dordogne. But if you take the time to explore Limousin, you’ll find unspoiled countryside, rustic villages, and many forests, rivers, and lakes.

Of course, we wouldn’t be introducing you to the Limousin region if there weren’t any options for nude vacations too. We visited 4 naturist campings in the area, all quite unique in their own way.

Center map

Getting our hippie-mood at Domaine du Coq Rouge
We found our first naturist destination in Limousin in the Corrèze department, right across the border of Dordogne. Domaine du Coq Rouge has a long history as a naturist club camping in the very traditional sense of the term. A bit… ehm… old fashioned. But those days are gone. A couple of years ago, Sandrine and Sébastien bought the camping …

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