How Naturism Helped us to Get More Out of Our Travels

Naked Wanderings originated from the combination of our passion for travel and our passion for naturism. Which is not a weird mix, lots of naturist places around the world are vacation destinations. And many naturists prefer to spend their holidays clothes-free. This was how we felt as well. We wanted to explore the world, but we also wanted to fully enjoy our naturist way of living. It wasn’t all too hard to come up with the idea to make the search for naturist options around the world the quest for our upcoming travels.

The media likes to call us “the couple that travels naked around the world”. We get it, it’s catchy and sensational. When people read that headline, they want to read more about which place to go to (or to avoid) if they want to encounter two naked hitchhikers. Of course, that description is only part of the truth. If you read our blog or look at our Instagram, you can indeed see that we’ve been naked in many places around the world. What you don’t see is all the time that we need to spend with clothes on.

Our non-nude travels
Since Naked …

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