Musings about The Nudist Etiquette in 2020

Some time ago, we received a message from one of our readers asking how she should position her legs in a nudist venue or at a nude beach. More specifically, what the maximum acceptable distance between her two knees would be. Within the same week, we stumbled upon an entry on a naturist forum of a woman saying something like “according to the nudist etiquette, I never bend over and always go through the knees“.

These two cases were enough to make us dive deeper into the subject. What does the nudist etiquette actually say? Who decided on this? And most importantly, how accurate is it still in the second decade of the 21st century?

What’s the Ultimate Nudist Etiquette?
The difficulty starts with trying to find a document that exactly describes the dos and don’ts of the nudist. As far as we know, this doesn’t exist. Instead, we found lots of different opinions, designed by nudist club representatives, nudist federation secretaries, and nudist resort owners. They all look pretty much the same with the obligatory Thy Shall Look Into The Eyes and Thy Shall Always Sit On A Towel and then some specific interpretations of the …

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