How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at the Nude Beach

Naturist places tend to be very safe and naturists are known for keeping an eye out for each other. And for each other’s belongings. Especially in private resorts, we can honestly say that we’ve never heard stories about theft. On the other hand, there are several times when we’ve forgotten something and found it back at exactly the same place the day after. Or in the case of something valuable, at the resort’s reception desk.

Also on most nude beaches, we feel that our stuff is safer than on textile beaches. But of course, nude beaches are public and are more likely to be visited by those with less genuine intentions. So it’s definitely important to be a bit careful. Here are some tips to keep your essentials safe on the nude beach.

1. Only bring what you need
As nudists, we already learned to carefully select our stuff before walking out the door. We don’t have pockets, remember, so either we have to take a bag or take everything in our hands. Especially when visiting nude beaches, this is something you want to consider. “Do I really need this?”.

When we’re clothed, there’ …

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