10 Health Benefits of Naturist Camping

We love camping in the buff. Camping on itself is already a great pastime, and we feel that doing so without clothes really adds a lot to the experience. Think about why you like camping. Because you like spending time in nature? Well, there’s probably no better way to connect with nature when there are no textile boundaries between yourself and the outdoors. Do you like spending your days in the campground’s swimming pool? Nothing beats skinny dipping! Do you like the typical friendly campground atmosphere? At naturist campgrounds, the atmosphere is even more friendly!

All of this is probably convincing enough to spend your next free days at a naturist campground, but there’s even more good news. Camping in the nude also has quite some interesting health benefits.

Soak up some Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays a very important role in the body. The nutrient helps absorbing calcium from food, it helps muscles to move, nerves use it to carry information from the brain to the body parts and our immune system needs vitamin D to fight invading bacteria and viruses. To translate this to current times, it’s even said that vitamin D makes you …

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