European Countries with a Nude Spa Culture

For many European naturists, including ourselves, a visit to the spa was the first experience of social nudity. This isn’t a coincidence. The step to try a nude spa is just a lot smaller than a visit to a naturist club or resort. While the latter encourage nudity, bathrobes and sarongs are embraced at the spa. Nudity is only obligatory inside the pool, the jacuzzi, and the other facilities. If you prefer some covering when walking from one spot to the other, that’s perfectly fine.

Spa centers typically receive a much wider range of guests than naturist venues. Because the focus is less on being naked and more on relaxation, many visitors of spa centers don’t call themselves naturists or nudists and feel little (yet) for exploring other nude options. For naturists, the spa is a welcome alternative when the temperatures drop and outdoor nudity isn’t very pleasant anymore.

What is a spa center?
When we explain the concept of the European spa center (also called wellness center, thermal baths, or even sauna), we often compare it to a water park, but for grown-ups. Instead of big slides and rapids, you will find pools, jacuzzis, saunas, …

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