46 Things We’ve Learned at Naturist Campings in France

As you may remember, we have spent the last three months on our Epic nude road trip through France. We had been to naturist campings in France before, but then we mostly stayed in rental accommodations. This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to get back to basic and bring our own tent and our own gear.

It definitely was epic. We discovered so many great naturist campgrounds in France, we fell in love with the wonderful island Corsica and we’ve spent most of our summer in wonderful nature. That’s absolutely the coolest thing about camping in a tent. You live outside. Even when inside, only the thinnest piece of fabric is what separates you from the smells and the sounds of the outdoors. And, of course, we’ve learned a lot. Today, we’ll share with you some of the knowledge we gathered last summer.

Preparing a nude camping trip
1. Practice setting up your tent: We are lousy packers. Because we’re so much on the move, we often delay our packing to just before we actually have to leave. When we’re traveling with just a backpack, that’s often not an issue. …

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