Why We’ve Spent the Last 4 Years Promoting Naturism

Last month, Naked Wanderings turned 4 years old. Our blog isn’t a baby anymore. It’s not even “just” a blog anymore. It has grown to a resource of ideas, thoughts, and information about naturism and nude vacations. For the last 4 years, we have dedicated a significant part of our lives to the promotion of naturism. Today, it feels so natural. It’s what we do, we’re always searching for new naturist spots, new insights, and new ways to enjoy our clothes-free way of living.

It feels so natural that we would almost forget how it all started. Last week, we were contacted by a writer for CNN Travel magazine. It wasn’t the first time that we gave an interview in the media about who we are and why we decided to appear butt naked on Instagram. We were happily surprised that the questions of the CNN reporter went deeper than “are you naked right now?” or “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a naturist place?”. She wasn’t looking for gossip or cheap entertainment, she really wanted to write a quality article about naturism and nude traveling.

Why Naked Wanderings got started
We …

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