Smartphones at Naturist Resorts: Take em or Break em?

We often call ourselves the “digital generation”. The Internet found its way into our homes when we were early teenagers. Before we were allowed to drive a car, the squeaking modem sounds got replaced by the fiber that helped Napster infuriate the music industry. After that, we’ve just been experiencing one revolution after the other. We were the early adopters of social media. Well, at least of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TikTok is still a big mystery to us. We were the first blog readers, podcast listeners, and Airbnb guests.

When we were kids, dad used to take out his big camera on family events. Take 24 or 36 well-positioned shots and then weeks later find out that half of them are dark or blurry. Our first party, our first kiss, our first time drunk remain undocumented forever. The pictures of our childhood cover not much more than the bottom of a shoebox. Today, our smartphones contain more photos than a whole village would possess in the early nineties.

We are the easy-photo-generation
We literally take pictures of everything. How we look when we get out of bed, the mess on our desk, oh look how cute the cat is. New …

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