Review: Le Couderc in Dordogne, France

Many naturist campings are run as family businesses. We’ve heard the story several times before. A couple gets tired of their everyday jobs and starts dreaming about their own tropical paradise. Someplace where they can spend their days in the nude and share the experience with thousands of other naturists. The dream becomes reality. They sell their belongings, make a deal with the bank, buy a property, load their kids in the back of the car, and head off towards their nude adventure. They become the happy faces that have greeted us at so many naturist places.

The story of Le Couderc was probably something similar. A dream that became reality in the early eighties. Today, Le Couderc couldn’t give more meaning to the term “family business”. During the last 40 years, the family has expanded and is now being run by three generations of naturists. The variety of ideas and goals that come from the whole family is probably what makes Le Couderc such a lovely place. What makes everything feel just right. What made us wish that we could have stayed just a little bit longer. Well, actually a lot longer.

How to get to Le Couderc

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