Review: Domaine du Coq Rouge in Corrèze, France

While traveling through France, we often wondered how all those naturist places managed to be so different from each other. Let’s be honest, without wanting to sound disrespectful, a campground is a campground. It’s a large space divided into many small spaces where you can put your tent, camper, or caravan. Of course, there’s a difference in facilities. Some have a larger pool than others, more sports options, more food on the menu, or cleaner showers. But is that really what makes us love one naturist camping more than the other? We have been to some impressive places during our travels. If a comparison of the facilities is what makes us like a place, we would probably dislike 95% of all the campings that we visit.

Which isn’t the case, of course. Surroundings are also an important aspect. If you’re a beach person, you’ll obviously like beach resorts better. If you’re into hiking, a camping in the middle of a natural reserve will be more attractive than a city-camping. But what if you, like ourselves, care more about the campings than the surroundings?

When we traveled and visited more places, we realized that what …

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