Private Nude Vacations: Nakations everywhere!

For us, the social aspect of naturism is very important. We believe that naturists and nudists are a community, a group of people that share certain beliefs and habits. This is improved by getting together at naturist venues, clubs, or events. Also the official definition of naturism, by the International Naturist Federation INF-FNI, states that “naturism is characterized by the practice of communal nudity”. It’s what naturists do, we get naked together.

During our travels, we quickly found out that this definition only describes a part of reality. We, being western Europeans, had never really considered this. We are lucky to live in a part of the world that has plenty of nude beaches and naturist resorts. We have nude spa and wellness centers when outdoor nudity isn’t comfortable. There are clubs and associations organizing naturist events. Even in a small country like Belgium, it’s possible to enjoy social nudity pretty much every day of the year. But not all naturists have those options.

Why naturists don’t enjoy social nudity
When we traveled to Asia, we quickly learned that we shouldn’t take the abundance of naturist options for granted. On the whole continent (which is …

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