Petanque: The Game of Naturists

This post was last Updated on September 17, 2020

We have joked a lot about petanque over the years, in our blog posts, and in real life. Through naturist history, the balls have become an essential part of being a naturist (pun intended). Every naturist resort we ever visited had at least one petanque court. Often several more. Petanque tournaments are always on the naturist calendar. It’s what naturists like to do, throw a couple of big balls towards a small ball.

We’ve also complained about the naturist petanque scene. From our point of view, this could be one of the reasons why naturism fails to attract a younger audience. Let’s be honest, the “Annual naturist petanque tournament” doesn’t really seem as attractive to a 30-something like a concert, a party, body painting, or pretty much every other sport. In fact, where we are from, petanque is merely seen as a sport for the elder generations. Unfortunately, also naturism is often considered as something you do when you’re well over 60. We figured that if we wanted to get rid of the stigma that naturism can’t be fun for the younger generations, we better start with throwing …

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