Naturist camping in the French Dordogne Region

Albeit a kind of lazy corner of southern France, Dordogne is one of the main vacation destinations in the country. It doesn’t take long to understand why. The flowing landscape dotted with ancient chateaux and bastides, rolling limestone hills and endless forests, picturesque towns with cozy bars and restaurants, and excellent cuisine. It’s like wandering into a daydream.

The splendid nature of Dordogne is definitely something that you want to experience. And the best way to do so is by camping. No, let’s rephrase that. It’s by camping in the nude. Luckily, this small region of France is home to several naturist campings. Reason enough for us to get our naked butts over there and get indulged in wilderness, beauty, food, wines, and some amazing naturist adventures!

Naturist Map of Dordogne

Center map

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