Lemmon Pools

We have been camped near the Lemmon pools in the Catalina Mountains for two days. The first was a backpack descent finding a good comfortable camp and enjoying it as the day ended. Today, we have hiked, very much nude, through a wonderland of rock formations to the west side of the range to a vista, which looks down to the Tortolita Mountains and beyond. After gathering our water out of a creek and falling sleep, we have arrived back at camp, resting in the shade of our tarp on mattresses. Tomorrow we will spend the morning exploring the illusive Lemon Pools, before packing back to the car.

It feels “very soon,” as I wake up to a now overcast sky above us. It is now cooler after a warm nude hike in the midday. While DF rehydrates a veggie soup that I had prepared, I write my notes about our day.
The sun creeps out from under the overcast sky. There is a threat of rain. We see it all around, but none of it is reaching the ground. There are wispy trails of a dark grey mist, which are storms that never make the impact with terra firma before evaporating.

As the sun begins to creep out from under the weather, the colors begin to explode, rainbows appear and a wondrous floor show accompanies our dinner. Lichen of shades of green, grey and black covers the granite nearly everywhere. Now, as the light changes, so does the intensity of this mossy material that decorates so much of this surreal world.

DF takes off on a walk about, wandering, as I adjust the tent. I hear voices near. I walk barefoot up a ledge where a large balancing boulder sits. I find my new friend Brandon, who …

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