Wilderness of Rocks Trail: Beyond: Part II

We have been hiking in the Wilderness of Rocks and filled with awe.

We have been surprised by the unusual number of other hikers. We took no clothing, but even so, nobody gives any objections. Instead all is very positive. As we are about to discover, even extremely positive.

Here is the beginning of this story:
Wilderness of Rocks Trail: Beyond
Now, the story continues…
…We are ready to head back, feeling worn and hungry, as the heat of the day hits us.
We head down the hill from a saddle and its incredible views, coming across the rock that we had had a meager lunch on. We realize that we hadn’t documented the experience, so I climb up to pose and find a short welcomed rest.

Right at this time, yet another pair of women walks by. “Ah, a pair of kindred spirits.” She gets the other’s attention, “My kind of people, right?”
They stop and she tells us, “I like to hike that way, too.”
She erupts with a slew of questions. “Why do we do it?”
“Do we walk to our car that way?” She is probably wondering where we left our clothes. We explain that we stay covered near the trailheads. The Forest Service suggested that.
We find ourselves explaining that only three in one hundred might object, and that we are camping.
“Is it like art? Like do you do it to make a reaction and make people think?” No it is just more about our personal preference, but there is an individual message attached to the action.
We tell her about our website. She asks us if she can have a picture with us. She makes a decision as she stands there to join us, “I’m gonna do it now.” …

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