Why the Whole World Needs to Know that You’re a Naturist

One of the biggest struggles within naturism is the taboo that’s still hanging like a dark cloud over our wonderful lifestyle. It’s so incredibly annoying. We have discovered this great thing in which we feel free and liberated, where people still respect each other, where we can fully enjoy nature and where we can feel confident about our bodies. And everyone else thinks that we’re perverts.

It’s a common point of discussion at the communal dinner table of the naturist resort. How much we feel misunderstood. How people just don’t seem to understand the beauty of naturism. We are being judged for doing something wonderful. Why don’t people see what’s really going on? What naturism is really about? Naturism would be so much better if the outside world would be more accepting.

And then on Sunday, we drive home, and we tell absolutely nobody about what we did last weekend.

The chicken or the egg
Of course, we don’t tell anyone. That’s what the conversation was all about. We’ll be judged, we’ll be called perverts. What we don’t realize, is that we’re actually feeding the taboo. That’ …

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