Two More Months

A few days ago we had our weekly staff meeting, and part of the management updates were on our return to the office status. All of the managers at my campus had a meeting with facilities management, and they discussed the plan on what we were going to do, what the criteria is, and when we would actually return. Much to my surprise, the facilities manager said “we are several weeks away from even starting the return to work plan. I was rather shocked.

Basically, we have to follow federal guidelines, state and local ones, and various local management directives. Also, for anyone who is at a high risk or lives with anyone who is at a high risk for COVID-19, then they will be allowed to work from home for longer. so, in a nutshell, I’ll be working from home for quite some time. My special needs daughter is immunocomprimised, and the other two prisoners here with me have astma.

Here’s my understanding of the plan. We have to meet three criteria levels before we can even initiate the return to work plan, and then it has certain criteria to meet before moving onto …

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