Review: Riva Bella in Corsica, France

There are those places of which we just keep forgetting that they exist. The kind which, when they pop up on some travel blog, makes you think “Oh yeah, I’ve never been there yet, I got to put this on the list sometime”. A thought that quickly dissolves again when we scroll further and end up reading another blog post of a place that we did visit and that brings back wonderful memories.

That’s what happened to us with Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea. Not that we didn’t think it was worth a visit. Not that we didn’t want to go there. It just… never happened. Until this summer, when we were pointing out destinations for our Big Nude Tour de France. We noticed that Corsica doesn’t only have some naturist resorts, but also a huge nude beach. Suddenly, Corsica was catapulted to the very top of our list. We just HAD to go there!

Dates were picked, ferry tickets were bought and soon we started dreaming of our first stop on the island: naturist camping Riva Bella. A dream that would continue even when we were already there.

How to get …

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