Review: Naturist Camping Bagheera in Corsica, France

We had huge plans, a couple of months ago. We were going to explore what the Caribbean islands had to offer to the naturist traveler. We would visit the white Caribbean nude beaches and splendid clothing-optional resorts. Then a virus came along. We were so close. We had already landed in Cuba. But we never made it to our first Caribbean nude beach or resort. Instead, we had to spend most of our time in Cuba figuring out how to get back to the mainland before the island would close its borders.

Months later, life decided to give us a treat. We would get a Caribbean experience after all. Not near the Gulf of Mexico, however, but in the Mediterranean Sea instead. A bright white nude beach, warm clear waters, high-class accommodation, and excellent seafood. When we think about it, is any resort in the Caribbean located on a 5-kilometer long nude beach? We don’t think so, but naturist resort Bagheera definitely is. That’s where we found our piece of the Caribbean on the French island Corsica.

How to get to Bagheera
Most Western European visitors to Corsica decide to drive all the way to the Mediterranean coast …

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