Review: Le Pont d’Adèle in Rhône-Alpes, France

For the last several years, we have been writing reviews like this one about the many naturist places that we’ve visited around the world. We always write from our own experience and we always try to put the spotlight on what makes a certain place unique. Some places are a true gift to write about. They have such great views, such amazing staff or such an awesome social scene that we have to keep ourselves from writing a whole novel. Others are more difficult. When we visit 10 naturist campings in the same region, it can be hard to find their unique points.

Now and then, we end up at a true pearl. A place of which we just can’t wait to tell you about. Often, these are not the resorts you’ll find in advertising or magazines. Small hidden places of which we think “why hasn’t someone ever told us about this place?”. Maybe that’s their magic. Maybe that’s exactly what makes them so wonderful. Maybe we should stop writing right now and not tell you anything about Le Pont d’Adele. But as naturist travel bloggers, we feel like it’s our responsibility to …

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