Review: Le Petit Arlane in Provence, France

It’s often said that the French Provence region contains some of the best of the whole country. The region is a summary of France, so to say. Except for the lousy weather from the north. During the last weeks, we had been traveling through the foot of the Alps mountains, hiking through woods, and bathing in freezing rivers. Moving towards the west of the region, the endless pine forests and rock formations started making space for rolling hills and bright purple lavender fields.

In the midst of those fields, our next naturist destination was waiting for us: naturist camping Le Petit Arlane, on the edge of the Verdon Regional Park. Honestly, when we arrived on the bumpy gravel road and parked our car in front of the small reception building, we wondered why exactly we had picked this place. At first impression, the camping seemed not much more than a dime a dozen. Less than 24 hours later, we would find ourselves looking at our itinerary, searching for a way to extend our stay.

How to get to Le Petit Arlane
Being located in the very heart of the Provence region, Le Petit Arlane is best visited with your own …

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